I have no workshops scheduled at the moment but have left this page up for those artists who are curious about the materials I use. One notable difference I've made is with the brushes I use now. Rosemary makes the perfect brush. It's called the Series 81 Pure Domed Filbert. You can find it by going to her website www.rosemaryandco.com or by clicking here.

Dorian Vallejo's Portrait Workshop Material List


Although the primary focus of this workshop is portrait painting, the intention is the development of a technique that allows for a free, expressive approach to drawing and painting. Students will be shown how to begin with a gesture and end with a finished result and are welcome to draw or paint as instruction will be offered for both. In addition to personal instruction, in the form of demonstrations, there will also be short lectures. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to observe as Mr. Vallejo paints along with them.


I've put together these short movies to help give artists attending the workshop some ideas that may be helpful. If you've painted before you probably already have materials that work for you. I'll suggest some things here but feel free to bring what you have. In general, these are the materials I work with. NOTE: if you buy a French Easel, it comes with a wooden palette. You need to seal the surface of the wooden palette before using it for the first time. I find that shellac (found at any hardware store) works well.


The Isabey brushes I use are actually not available in this country. However, if you'd like to buy them I've arranged with the owner (Alan)of our local art store (Jerry's Artarama in West Orange, NJ) to have them available for purchase. Raphael (the American counter part to Isabey) has a line of bristle brushes which are almost as good but I can't recommend their sables.


For the most part I use these colors but I'm always trying out new colors. In general, I like to have a cool and warm of each color. For example, I use a cool red like Alizarin and a warm red like Cadmium Red or Cadmium Scarlet. I use all Winsor & Newton paints except for a couple of colors. They've also recently changed the formula for their Titanium White making it unusable. I'd recommend getting the Gamblin Titanium White.


I'd suggest bringing a couple of different sizes with you. Also, because the we have a limited time and because the class may get crowded I'd like to ask that you don't work larger than 16 x 20.